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IGSR Actively Launched Series of Activities of 2024 "Safety Production Month"

2024/6/26 10:56:15

This June 2024 is the 23rd National "Safety Production Month", with the theme of "To make everyone learn about safety, and everyone can be ready for emergency - unblocking the passage of life". In order to effectively strengthen the company’s safety management and establish a solid concept of safety development, IGSR takes the "Safety Production Month" as an opportunity to create a good atmosphere for the company’s safety production through a series of activities with diverse forms and rich content.

The activities include firstly strengthening publicity and education to further improve our employees' fire safety awareness and self-rescue emergency capabilities through hanging safety slogans and banners, and using electronic screens to play promotional videos, conducting fire safety knowledge training, organizing practical exercises of evacuation, escaping and fire equipment using, etc.. The second is to innovate the forms of activities, such as safety knowledge competitions, identifying hidden dangers and violations in the pictures, and putting on safety monitoring clothing with only one hand, which combines education with entertainment, integrate learning with fun, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in safety management. Thirdly, in conjunction with the company's three-year action plan to address the root cause of safety production, IGSR carefully carries out special inspections on safety production to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent risks. All these work help improve the company's safety management level to reach a new level.