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Send Warm Blessings on Chinese New Year Eve, Set Sail Again when Bidding Farewell to the Old Year and Ushering the New Year in

2024/2/20 14:25:32

Years and months go by like songs and time flies like a dream. On the occasion of the arrival of the Lunar Year of the Loong, Mr. Tai Baoan, general manager of IGSR, and his colleagues visited the employees who kept working at the production line on New Year's Eve, and expressed heartfelt thanks and extended warm blessings for the new year to everyone on behalf of the company's management team. The company leader personally sent red envelopes to the employees, conveyed New Year's warm greetings and wished everyone a happy holiday, good health, and a happy family. Mr. Tai encouraged all staff to set sail again and achieve new success in the coming new year.

Greetings and blessings are full of care and love from the company leaders towards frontline employees, making the employees feel warm and inspired. The employees expressed their commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities and working hard to make new and greater contributions in their respective positions.