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IGSR Actively Conducted Fire-Fighting Skills Competition

2023/12/6 10:01:31


      November is China’s National Fire Safety Publication Month, and in order to further strengthen the company’s fire safety publicity and education, to comprehensively improve our employees’ awareness of safety production and fire firefighting, and to implement the policy of "Prevention First, People’s Lives First" into practice, IGSR organized a fire-fighting skills competition in this fire safety month. This competition includes four events of each group’s two members’ relay work: throwing water belts, receiving water belts, shooting targets with water, and wearing air breathing equipment. Employees from IGSR’s various departments actively participated in, demonstrating a good mental outlook, and effectively reflected their training results in the competition. About 50% of the participating groups completed the entire competition process within one minute, with a significant improvement in skill performance compared to the previous year. Through this competition, our employees enhanced a sense of teamwork and fire emergency skills. It also selected fire skilled talents for the company, improved the company’s emergency rescue capabilities, and ensured the safe and stable development of the company.