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IGSR Carried Out Fun Group Sports

2023/10/31 8:44:21

In order to enrich the employees' sports cultural life, to enhance the construction of corporate health culture, to improve team cohesion and centripetal force, and to create a united and harmonious work atmosphere, IGSR held the 2023 "Healthy Enterprise" group fun sports meeting on October 27th. The theme of this sports meeting is "Advocate Health Concept and Keep Healthy Life", and employees from various departments of the company actively participated in this sports meeting.

The purpose of this fun group sports meeting is "everyone participates, everyone is happy", with a cheerful and harmonious atmosphere. This activity set up five events, including "team posture imitation, conveying ping pong balls, team relay race, throwing sandbags accurately, and walking in place with eyes covered", which combines entertainment and fitness, with both individual and group events. While highlighting the fun, it further enhances the team's collaborative spirit. The fun sports meeting not only spreads the concept of health, but also helps everyone to release their emotions, obtain happiness, deepen friendship, hone their willpower, as well as stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees to work hard and unite as one.