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Care for IGSR’s Employees by Offering Cool in Summer

2023/8/18 9:27:05

      Nanjing area has been experiencing continuous high temperatures recently. IGSR all employees have persevered in different positions, fighting against the high temperatures, to ensure the smooth operation of the company's all work. In order to effectively guarantee employees’ physical and mental health, to comprehensively do well in heatstroke prevention and cooling down, and to ensure the life safety of employees during the summer, IGSR actively carries out the activity of "Cool Offer in Summer" by preparing various heatstroke prevention and cooling items for all employees in advance. Led by Mr. Paul Martinez, the Deputy General Manager, cool drinks and sincere greetings were sent to frontline employees and contractor personnel, conveying the company's strong concern for employees, which also brings some coolness and comfort to them during the hot summer.