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Concern for Health, Gratitude for Life, To Create the Company’s Health Culture

2023/4/21 16:22:30

In order to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, to enhance the physical quality of the employees, to advocate a healthy work and life style, and to enhance the company’s cohesion and centripetal force, IGSR carried out a hiking activity in Nanjing Garden Expo park with the theme of "Concern for Health, Gratitude for Life".


The park was full of spring scenery with sunshine and gentle breezes. Everyone walked joyfully among the urban gardens of Jiangsu’s thirteen cities full of historical charm, experiencing the different characteristics of each garden, and understanding the culture of Jiangsu's hometowns. In the underwater botanical garden, hundreds of plants and flowers grow and bloom, making people feel refreshed and rested. There are also popular photo spots such as Pioneer Bookstore and Coca Cola Museum, which looks ordinary from outside but have a grand interior, showcasing unique artistic charm with their unique design and layout. This healthy hiking activity allows everyone to feel life and release stress during physical exercise, and to immerse all employees in work with a fuller mental state, helping to achieve coordinated development between enterprise construction and employees’ health.